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Originally Posted by bewsh
top idea

if u guys are in a rush or just dont have the time to do all this.
ive got an idea!

all i did was lightly sand down the glass lens (exterior side whilst still on the car ofcourse) with 600gritt sand paper. clean it up with wax and grease remover. then sand with 800, clean, 1000 gritt then clean and finally with 1200 and clean.

once that is done and the lens is nice and smooth, polish it up with autoglym glass polish or something similar!

this way, u keep ur genuine GM lights and lenses, save time and possible some grief with pulling it apart if ur an ameature!
Sounds good also, I didn't know glass would come up like that with sandpaper!

It doesn't address the problem with the reflectors that decay over time though. Most VL's I've seen look a bit dull in that area if they have the original lights.
W.T.B. MOMO "RACE" 350mm steering wheel in good condition
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