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Originally Posted by [T]Matty View Post
you really need to make fittings for RB25 covers :D!

there is a dude on SAU that does it, But he wont reply to my Pms and **** anymore so you should take over ;)

just a fitting turned down to push into the rocker cover.
You get me photos and I can have a squiz at it.

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Originally Posted by ANK View Post
bro u prices are fair if u compair to what else is out there but i get that straight off the supplyer good luck with ut
Yeah no body works for free Ank. If I sell all this hose I still wouldn't come out in front if I took into consideration the hours of testing and development.

Then again cars and making them fast is a passion of mine and Mitchell's so for us this is a side project. It gives us the ability to purchase hose at reasonable prices with outstanding performance. I'm just nice enough to pass it on. This hose is as good as Earls or any other product on the market and I would be happy to put it up against any product price vs performance. Its super flexible and can bend happily at 4 x OD. I'm an Engineer by trade and perfection is the only answer. Half suck products, and half suck workmanship just don't cut it in my books.

Some of the cheap stuff is ok, so if you get onto a good one stick with them. Just be watchful as it ages for brittleness and tolerance to the harsher fuels. You can check by pulling a hose end off and rubbing your finger around inside the hose. If it comes out black your in strife.

Our braided hose is very tolerant to e85, meth and so forth. The Teflon based hose is 100% compatible. You could leave the fuel in the lines forever and it would never eat it away.
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