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I thought it was time for another updateÖ

So after buying the parts I enjoyed cruising the car while I gathered parts to complete the next stage in the cars mods.

This is how the car looked before I took it off the road.

Love the paint in this Picture, really glad I got the opportunity to own this car.

So I decided to take the car of the road and overhaul all the suspension components, while also detailing the undercarriage and installing the brakes / diff.

So Before I put the car in shed to start stripping it down I decided to rebuild the Harrop Calipers.
They where missing some parts so I Had to buy them directly from Harrop.
I bought the seal kit from Harrop Engineering directly, for all four calipers.
I had abit of trouble removing all the pistons at the beginning but after trail and error I worked out a system.

This involved using a G-clamp and air compressor to blow the Pistonís out from the caliper.

After Rebuilding the Calipers I decided to paint the calipers a gloss black

After I finished rebuilding the calipers I brought the car into the shed and began tearing it down.

I removed all suspension components and the diff.

After removing all the components, I completely cleaned under the car, and individual cleaned each component. I also painted the undercarriage and the inner guards in sound deadener and resprayed each component.

Painting Process

Before Painting and Cleaning

After painting and Cleaning

I painted the lower trailing arms in gloss black, upper trailing arms in silver.
The shocks which where originally orange where repainted silver.

This was a very labour intensive task but I feel doing stuff like this separates your car and workmanship from otherís.

During this time, I rebushed the car using superpro bushings.
I installed new radius rod bushes, Lower control arm bushes, trailing arm bushes and upper trailing arm bushes.

I also installed new white line sway bars.
Fronts are 27mm 4 point adjustable
Rears are 22mm 4 point adjustable

I also changed the diff gear centre out (LSD) for a mini-spool
I repainted the hardlines on the diff silver and also resprayed the diff.

Once I had completed all this it was time to install the new brakes and the diff.

I also did the VT/ VS booster upgrade.
This took longer than expected due the adaptor I bought off ebay failing on me
Went to Pirtek and they sorted me out with a new fitting.

Due to the Harropís I needed to make custom Brake lines.
I got Matt from Race Brakes Sydney to make me some custom Braided Brake lines. Honestly could not recommend him more, he was super helpful and was always in contact with me throughout each step and they where shipped within 3 days.

I also had my cluster rebuilt and a new Speedo cable made during this time. The guys at NAMIISS (The gauge shop) did a fantastic job.
They replaced a few components and now the cluster works like a dream.

SO after installing the new components I got the car on the ground and this is how it currently sits.

Unfortunately however when I went to get an alignment I ran into some problems.
The rear Left brake was stuck on, which meant I could not drive the car.
I got a mate to help me tow it back to mine, and the car has not been touched since.
(I am currently interstate working in a hospital as part of my university degree).

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my update,
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