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Originally Posted by bigears View Post
Cheers guy, I was looking at the martini 116 but yer its like 700 a drum and when you run a 140l tank and need to take 2 drums will end up costing a bit lol i'll look in to the powerplus .
The only thing that puts me off the united e85 is it can vary abit where the stuff in the drum should alway be the same right ?
70% of our tuning is E85 and we get to play with all the drum brands, BUT your in melb so no reason not to be using United from the pump. I have plenty of comparison data (hours of dyno comparisons) from drum E85 (3 brands) and United pump E85 and there is no reason not to use pump. We dont use Caltex as it has been inconsistent.

There is alot of misinformation out there so do yourself a favour and buy a $20 E85 fuel tester. My own personal car runs pump United and all our serious VIC based cars run UNITED, For those cars that run in interstate (TAS, NT etc) that dont have access to decent pump fuels (or cant carry enough during transport) we revert to drum. Drum obviously allows consistent fuel source if bought in different states... saves loading a trailer with 120litres of fuel too..

United has been a constant 85% in the SE area for the last 4 months... i buy an average of 100-150l a week.

Lots of random E85 info in this here:

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