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ahh the ct qld section, it is funny really, who dosent remeber this famous post LOL
Originally Posted by vanstrien View Post
Hahaha you 2 are a bunch are Fu cking faggots, come out then u pieces of sh it and I'll show u how my 500hp cricket bat goes. U got two arms, I got 1 + a cricket bat, alls fair, Fu cling weak ****s. Why the Fu ck do you Fu cking fags think u are so much better than everyone else? Did your mum not kiss u good night as a kid, did your dad touch u where it felt good or something lol u Fu cking loosers. No wonder the Qld section is so sh it now, it's because of Fu cking tossers like u two. Grow up and stop think u r so top **** when clearly u aren't.
from t&page=10
In all seriousness my original comment was just havin a sly dig at Troy and his never present supra, I really hope you make it to this event btw Troy surely ur run of bad luck is over.
Theres no need for personal attacks on the interwebs, I have watched many a dyno comp and yes watching a tuff car spinning over 1000hp is impressive no one can deney that.
FATMAN that time was a figure I plucked from space Id hope it would be faster than an N/A lol, I didnt build my car for drag racing its a manual for a start.
I spose its just posers that make these figures and brag about them all over the net vs cars that make big figures and can back it up on the road, street, burnout pad, whatever without breaking a diff/gearbox like it was made of glass (not talking about any car in particuler here just my opinion before the insults start flying again) that isnt as impressive (few autosalon cars come to mind).
leb VLT I dont even know what ur in here for :/ but my car is far from stock with paint and wheels.

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