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Well bout time I got around to doin an update so here it is. Last two months have been really lazy with it and haven't done too much but I am getting stuck back into it now.

Stripped the interior/ dash and pulled the fuse rail and loom through into the interior and goin to mount that in the glovebox, with a catch can in old spot of fusebox. Still need to weld up old holes from aircon and loom in the firewall but got old cooler pipe holes welded aswell as a few others. Front and rear window holes have had all rust cut out. Also got a new front window seal and trims.

All the front nosecone and chrome trims around windows are off, still need to source a new quater window surround though. About to take the fenders off to put the headlight looms through them to hide them.

I brought a gt3540r (0.7 front, 0.82 rear) and all braided lines for it off of JNR-GMH on these forums. Welded two 10mm spacers together to get the turbo to clear everything and got some longer studs.
Also got a haltech E8 with full loom ready to go of another user on here and that will all be getting put in once the paint is done.

Removed all the power steering and stuff today.
At the moment the block/head is just sitting in the bay, just need to source an engine crane to get it out and then it is basically ready for paint.
Sorting out a fuel system at the moment, goin to get an 040 internal and 044 external pump along with a billet rail and 660cc siemens injectors.

Couple pics below -

Haltech -

Car as it is now -

Turbo as its goin to sit -

Spacer plate -

Tail light rust removal -
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