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Update time -
Well at the start of november i finaly decided i better start fixing the rust on my vl, the paint is actually pretty good but the windows havent been sealed properly and there was rust bubbles all along the windows.
I've removed the front and rear windows and had all the rust cut out and plated as well as the battery tray cut-out and a few holes in the bay welded up.

Couple pics of rust before and after -

Also got a new bonnet (old one has dent), painting bay, new boot ( old one has holes from wing i removed), and getting a dent fixed in fender. So basically im painting about %50 of the car.
Going to do some more mods to motor aswell whilst body is getting done, so i've made myself a list below, which im currently finding/byin at the moment

Haltech or microtech ecu
14mm o ring fuel rail with 650cc injectors
Bosch 044 and bosch 040 fuel pumps
Garrett 35/40 low mounted on stock manifold
new cooler pipes
Adjustable fuel reg, turbosmart or sx i spose

Aiming for around 450rwhp so should be good when done, will get some more pics up soon once the bay is stripped ready for paint
Commodores went downhill after 1988!
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