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Location: WA, Perth, WA
Car: Previous owner of Walkinshaw # 100
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1977 Escort Ghia 2.0L manual - hands up to the Escorts for a first car
1990 VN V6 Sedan (genuine VP SS kit)
1996 VS 5.0L S Pack ute
2002 VX Acclaim (genuine VX SS kit)
2003 VY LS1 Berlina (THE VY) - sold to a family in Woodvale minus stereo / rims
1964 EH Special Sedan (THE EH - supercharged 6) - family car, still have
1988 VL Walkinshaw (build # 100) - sold in 2005 to a NSW buyer off this site
1991 Nissan Pulsar N13
1980 Hilux 2WD
Now into Jaguars and concourse showing - lots of fun getting them ready and learning all about how to prep concourse cars
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