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as jba05 said yeh it is possible, and definately worth it but is a hell of a lot of effort and of all the cars me and my mates have messed with engine conversion this one has been the most of a f... around by far, ill try to explain the process to the best of my memory

things needed :

Vl K frame
Gearbox Crossmember
all powersteering lines
vl powersteering rack
vl steering shaft (the uni joint thing)
vl clutch master cyl and slave + pedal box
rb30 obviously + trans
now the gearbox crossmember ( crs make one it cost around $120 and uses a th350 gearbox mount to bolt to the rb30 trans
the tailshaft will not fit on a standard vh diff (could knock uni's out and change the mount on the end but not sure as to length differences) as the vl one is borg warner however some vh v8s came out with lsd borgies but most came out with sailisbury diffs best thing would be to get a turbo diff and mount it up and change your brake setup to rear discs

things that will mess with your head :

the pedalbox beleive it or not is an absolute to change i got a vk calais and the wires and coloum are all over the show, and it s..ts you to tears the amount of effort required... may well be a lot easier in avh as doesnt have as many wires ect, you also have to file out the hole the clutch cable sits in to accomodate for the new master cylinder

the k frame is ok but it helps to have a second person to line the rods up into the front of the frame the vl powersteering rack is needed because the k frame mounts are different and is a better unit anyways

gearbox crossmember as previously mentioned, in my opinion you should buy the crs one, the last thing you want to happen is the gearbox dropping out from underneath you when you give it a little,

and the wiring is gay an ecu pinout would be a great starting point but i suggest you get an aftermarket comp they are s...t loads easier to wire, im a sparky and i couldnt decypher the drawings in those stupid manuals and get the standard computer and loom to work, the starting and charging system is easy, and the fuel pump wouldnt work when it was wired as the manual said and the wires arnt identified correctly in the manual i.e 3 green wires which one is which,

and because youve got a vh im pretty sure youl need to change the fuel tank to a vk efi or vl one and add a retun line from engine bay to tank ... and fuel pump

hope this helps..
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