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Originally Posted by sgrah
I tell ya, owning a VL can be mighty frustrating at times, I can see why a couple of ya's a selling, I'm just trying to get some new axles stronger axles, and it's virtually impossible, am now rebuilding the diff and geting axles made to cope, so will not have my car back again before I go away, which means no driving till April, Bugger.Now that I've taken a VE SSV for a test drive, I'm very tempted to dump the VL get a VE (sweet car)VL is still way faster then the VE but,F*@k it, I'll keep the VL for another year and see how I goOh well, that's me whinge of frustration out for a while, think i'll go see Bob and check on me car
Dude there is an advertiser on this site can't remember name that sells 31 spline axels and 31 spline mini spools bolt straight into VL diff
Psst 30psi...Is that it!
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