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That BMW has a 2Jz in it KV.

Dan's torana has made 440hp on our dyno at EFI on 16psi, should make well into the mid/high 500 when it's all sorted.

Thank's to all that came on the day, dave said it will be in st commodore's early next yr and some of you boy's have photoshoot's to attended soon.
Well done.

Was so **** mine didnt make it, come's down to helping everyone else and not working on my own car till the last minute, ohh well the joy's or running a shop, me and sean were in the same boat.

Thank's again everyone, next cruise will be Bigger.

TOTAL NUMBER'S WERE, 42 VL TURBO'S, 5 N.A AND 3 VL V8 INCLUDING THE GENUINE GROUP A SS, thank's to pete who is near 60yr's old and his lovely wife for bringing that out.
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