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Originally Posted by lowace
Nah mate its not the kmart car but its the motor out of it.If u want to have a look at it let me know as i,m not far away.I wouldnt worry to much about andy he must be a ****ing calais expert went over the car like like a rat I think he forgets that they are 17yrs old and maybe showing a few signs of wear.

Your asking absolute top dollar for it. Don’t be a c*ckhead. I’m not an expert, and I understand its 17 years old, but for $11,500 people will expect a top example.

I have owned 2 and looked at many; if anyone wants to look at the car feel free don't let me turn you off. It has good points eg. The interior is very close to perfect. I was just turned off by other stuff…

Crawled all over it like a rat? I spent 3 hours driving to spend 20 mins looking at it. You weren't expecting me 2 bring up cash were u? Simple as that mate, don't shoot your mouth off at me. PM me if you have any further problems.
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