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Yes a cert check is kinda like a hard out wof check - they check and sign off on the safety of any modifications made and make sure the car is legal.
Turbo and n/a brakes are different - the turbo calipers are finned (to help them cool quicker) and I think they are slightly larger.
Rear brakes on any car only do small proportion of the braking (30-40%), so upgrading the rears will only make a small difference. However, your brakes can never be too good or too big!
There is a tech thread for fitting VN disks to a VL - do a search.
Complete VL disk diffs do turn up on Trade Me every now and then - a complete diff swap is pretty easy.
A VN diff is wider than a VL one so don't bother with these unless you wanna run into dramas fitting big wheels.
Regarding what needs certing and what doesn't - your best bet is to download this;
Technically you could upgrade your brakes (with better stock gear) and not get a cert, but it probably wouldn't be legal.
The cert on my car cost me over $500, but that was for a full rebuild - they're not cheap, so if you are considering several mods, you'd be better off doing them all at once so as to avoid paying the fee twice.
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