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i had a read through this thread (good idea by the way guys ) the point is people who steal vl,s most of them want parts, as they get harder and more expensive to buy, and things like ebay.... there is some easy money to be made out of the humble vl calais turbo........

dont matter what alarm door locks ect you have nothing is for sure to stop a theif you must think like one, and infact i spoke to a guy who once stole cars and he was f88king good at it and could get a vl in less than 2 mins with an alarm, but one thing is for sure i quized him on a few things and it all pointed to one thing, he knew the layout of most alarms imobilisers ect...... hmmmm

almost all alarms protect the same one or to points of the car ..... starter ignition , mostly .... so i borrowed a mates na vl that i have done some work on he is not greatly mecanicaly minded and got the ex car stealer to have a go at geting it going , after 10 mins he couldent get it started ......

reason it had an alarm yes no probs but i also fitted a kill switch to the fuelpump only able to turn on and off inside the boot with a solex lock and button relise in the glove box gone you will need to bring a big axe to get it open. .... sorry for the ramble.....

bottem line so many inexpenseive extra things you can do to stop them overkill yes but what wouldent you do to keep your car....... think outside the box people..... and whatever you do keep it to yourself, cos your bestmate may oneday not like you lol ......
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