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Going to be selling my driveline

G'day guys, I'll be getting rid of all my RB gear shortly but wanted to give any of the local CT guys a grab at anything you might need first. As yet I havent priced each item so just flick me a PM with your interest and we'll suss it out.

6Boost Manifold ceramic coated, Turbosmart ProGate50, screamer and Garrett T04Z .81ar (Now Sold)

KEAS built 3 speed Jatco, forward pattern with 4500rpm AllFast converter, B&M Quicksilver, drop box to suit and trans cooler

Billet fuel rail with SX fuel pressure reg and 750cc Siemens injectors (Now Sold)

600x300x3" cooler with stainless piping, no holes required, fully linished so no welds visible all custom made (Now Sold)

Full 3" exhaust from turbo back, single muffler and decat

Custom intake manifold including Plazmaman billet throttle body (Now Sold)

Microtech LT10S with handset

Legit A8 bottom end with Spool H Beams, Arias forged pistons, ACL and ARP everything, GTR N1 oil pump, brand new ancillaries when built ie starter motor etc

In short I basically have a complete turbo driveline from front to back, all thats missing is the head. Any questions just hit me up

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