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Duke - Cam will be mid "590's", not mid "500's"... which will be pretty good. Heads are being shaved 20 thou. Compression will end up about 10.5:1.

Some updates. Got the S/S hardline bent up and roughly sized. Still need to get them flared, but broke my flaring tool on a test piece, so will probably get someone with a proffesional flaring tool in to do it for me.

1st overflow pipe. Wasn't happy with it, so ended up redoing it.

With Feeds towards Battery. Wasn't happy with them this way, so put them towards the Cell.

New overflow & Feeds.

Also sorted out the shifter position. Got a dropbox made up to sit the shifter in nicely under the standard console.

Hole for Shifter Dropbox

Shifter Box and Shifter in.

Centre Console on

The Grumpy one.
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