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Originally Posted by VLT_WGN
i have a old guy who owns a venetian red V8 calais wagon down the road from my work. he may be sellin it soon hope i can grab it and add another number to ur list!
Even if you could get the numbers off it for now would be brilliant.

Originally Posted by 88wagon
Model - VL8VL35-A9Y

dont know if its genuine or not..
Thanks for your details. Also sent a PM. As for the red one you linked, it's been for sale on and off for about a year. Looks genuine but a bit of a dog.

Originally Posted by ss nut
Rear headrests from factory??
There is nothing that says that on the Production broadcast sheet?
Yep, the parts book says they were optional on the 1988 A9Y cars Marty, and to bear that out these cars had a different part numbered rear seat frame to any of the other wagons.

Item #43 (Seats Rear) on the PBS for the 1988 cars says "CAL".
I doubt yours would have had it being 1987 unless HDT welded some brackets in perhaps.
Only 198 more Calais Wagons to go to complete the set !

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