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Siksle8 i dnt know how its done :S since this is my first time gettin my license suspended and from what i understand how they told me is i do my 6 month suspension coz i lost 6 point all at one go since im on my p.s and we only get 5 points.that says on my infringement notice then i get my license back once ive done my time then they said vicroad will send me a letter to choose between 1 point 1 year or 3 month suspension... which ill be obivisouly choosin the 3 month suspension.. but the thing is why do i have to do 2 suspension 1 for 6 month and one for 3 month... that is how they explained it to me and thats how i understand it. If that is true then thats just bull****!

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Trust me fellas i have a family car under my mothers name but a toyota aurion stock as rock 200kw on the engine will just make it easy for me to speed i need something that struggles to reach 100km/ph to be fine on a 6 month suspension.
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