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Originally Posted by ~tfo~
well, to leave a long story long, I was making my way through dandenong on monday so I thought I'd pop in and check this thing out, considering how many times I've driven past and never gone in.
When I got there two young guys were checking the car out so I looked around, no sales guy in sight.
After they left, I sussed out the BT1.
Doors were all locked, so I waited for the sales guy to come out of the office.
Well he didnt, so I walked over and asked about the car.
K's, stock or converted, interior etc.

"I was wondering if i can take it for a drive and see if its what Im after"
"Sorry, theres too many cars in the way"
"Its okay, I can wait or come back another day"
"No thats not possible"
"Well can you start the car"
"Not unless my boss is here, and he has gone for the day"
"Can I have a look under the bonnet"
"No sorry, the bonnet cable is broken"
"How about I come back another day when your boss is here so I can go for a drive"
"I can let you take it today for $11999 without driving it"

Hahahahaha yeah right buddy......

the guy also made a comment, something along the lines of I should be driving a real girls car and not a vl

I think its going to be there awhile....

that dude who works there is the boss. He is a faggot and as we all know talks a load of crap. i went in there and asked similar questions, asked for a drive but to no avail. Then told him i would offer 3k for the car, he laughed and said he could sell it for 15k any day of the week. I then said to him " goodluck selling the shi t box will neeed it." he gave me a weird look then i walked off. He called me back and said he would take 6 for it. I cotinued walking out of there.....
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