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Yeah, was a bit farked.

10:00am, had a couple of other guys in my car and we went to get breakfast from maccas in murray bridge. pulled into the car park, locked the car and started walking in, when 2 cops get out of a brand new unmarked VY SS and approach me.

They had a bit of a look and defected it for being an inch (or less?) too low at the front, and also a baldish tyre (which was probably fair enough). The stupid thing is that he marked it down as a major defect which means having to go through regency! And to top it all off I only got 2 hours to get it home. He was telling me it was lucky it wasn't being towed, pretty stupid for something as simple as that if you ask me.

Here's how it sits at the front (can sort of see) and its not even that low, tyre and everything is outside of the gaurd.

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