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hey guys, welll over the last week my baby is being built, i sourced all the bolt ons from a CT member, and decided to do the Cam shaft, skim the cylinder head and decomp also
Im sure someone mentioned a money pit although i was hoping to avoid it. ive had to have the injectors flow tested and bathed as they were gunked up and one wouldnt fire at all - they are ok now. the next issues seems to be the idle, and my mechanic has checked and adjusted the AFM and still not great. so now he swapping out the ECU i bought and putting my NA ECU back in to see if its the ECU which has the issue. i wanted to ask you guys if there is anything else it could be

The parts i bought for the coversion was, manifold, turbo, injectors, rail, lines, dump pipe, ECU and a brand new GKtech cooler

He has also noticed my radiator leaking a bit which he recommends me fixing asap.

any suggestion would be good

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