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Originally Posted by Jaytee
thinking about it mate, not too sure yet. wouldnt mind whacking on the hiflow and injectors and giving it another crack down the track. if for nothing else, just to get back up the top of the street commodores quarter pounders sa section!!
I've been thinking the same thing lately too.But then i think, what would i get, and i'd probably do the same things to my new car, so in the end i see no point really.
Going to the track is addictive, but it would be nice to see some more VLT's in the top 10 of Street Commodores Quarter Pounder S.A section tho.
I've been told my P.B should be in the next issue, they still got my 12.3 time in there.
I'm pretty confident i'll do an 11.0-11.2 on Sunday, weather permitting and still using BP Ultimate 98 fuel too.Would love to crack a high 10 on PUMP fuel, but realisticly C16 would have to be used.Safety purposes!!!
Time will tell.
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