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.:: Tsunami '04 Charity Cruise - Melbourne::. UPDATED - 27/1

Guys and girls,
I was just emailed this by the event organisers.


Due to various reasons, Commodore Cruise Club and Skylines Australia must change the nature of the Charity Event being held on the 13th of February 2005.

We are unable to run a mass cruise as such due to legal, liability and logistical reasons. There aren’t many places that hold 1000 cars at once!

We will therefore be changing the event to a SHOW AND SHINE where everyone will be able to meet and greet and check out some serious metal.

The Manhattan will still be the venue for this event and we will still be running a BBQ and having a great time.

The Australian Red Cross will still be involved and all donations go straight to them.

We will be at the Manhattan for a bit longer, probably until about 4pm which gives everyone more time to check out all the cars and bikes in attendance.

Everything is the same as before, we will just not be able to go on a mass cruise.

HOWEVER, each car club is encouraged to run their own cruise from the Manhattan leaving at about 4pm.

As said above, we can still cruise, but just not as a huge mass.

Commodore Cruise Club and Skylines Australia will be cruising on from this event on their own cruises to various locations.

We still want this to be an event which will be a huge success for the Tsunami Appeal and during the next two weeks, we will be adding difference things to the day to make it just as much fun.

We encourage each car club to cruise TO the Manhattan, so start organizing your “pre-meets” and cruises to the Show and Shine.

Again, apologies for the change in event type but this will still be a huge event to don’t stop polishing those rides!!


Demnvt and Bass Junky


For up to date info you can go to the Commodore Cruise Club web page, or follow this link.
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