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Originally Posted by TheChad View Post
have done so already, I had no idea that was a thing until it happened to me...

I would rather spend ~$1k on a pure drag 31spline diff though, the axles were pretty twisted at the splines too, which isn't really from the twisting diff since they're in the same plane.
You will always get twists in the 28's, I had twists in mine from when I was doing 12's. But I understand what your trying to achieve with building another diff.

Have you thought about selling the kaaz an just building a 31 spline, truetrak borgy? It all adds up in price pretty quickly tho.

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Originally Posted by Skinkis View Post
There wouldn't have been 100 cars there last night.
Had three runs in 40 minutes, and it was surprisingly grippy for being the first meet of the season.

Anyone thinking about it should definitely go down next week before more people get their cars up and running.
Better yet, what did you run? Lol
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