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Well you guys might not recognise me but I used try and get amongst it back in the day, talking like 7 years ago. I was a bit shy and kept to myself, still do. I'm always on here just keeping up with things,
My vl has been off the road a year and a half now I have spent a lot of time getting it up to what I always wanted it to be and I think I'm about 60 to 70% of the way there.
It started off with basically standard sl turbo 5speed from factory, I wanted to keep some kind of trueness to it so I have kept the mx7 box and sohc rb30et but completely overhauled it with spool rods, cp pistons, n1 oil pump with billet gears, spool high volume sump, full arp bolts top and bottom ported polished head, jpc roller rockers, performance valve springs and standard size valves, cam tech Ct503 520a-115(a) cam, adjustable cam gear, Ross balancer, Jd plenum 1000cc injectors, haltech ps1000, 6 boost manifold, gt3540, 3.5 inch to 3 inch exhaust, heaps more goodies but you get the idea, engine has been re assembled and is waiting to go back into car due to ceramic coating needing to be done on dump pipe and exhaust mani, and I need a smaller exhaust housing for turbo. I'm trying to get a reliable 500hp what do you fellas think I will be able to get?
Anyway I'm not in a rush but pretty keen to get it on the road as most of you would know the feeling,
Never been sure how to chuck up pics on here if I knew I would.
Cheers and I would be keen for a track day when ever with or without my car ready. Alex

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