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Originally Posted by caged View Post
I know I love my wags have seen yours around but not lately. Mines not registered anymore but it did go 10.89 @ 133mph as a streeter with a manual would happily help you step it up if you like I think I still have that turbo in the shed lol . I would love to see more TRUE vl wagons going quick (yes having a chop at you spot-on haha) all good to see wags anyway going quick no matter what engine
Being an update thread I should of mentioned, I took it to Melbourne with me for 12months and since Iíve been back itís been sitting in the shed. I have stepped it up (maybe not as quick as yours, but still gives me a good scare) but Iím studying at the moment, so no money to spare to fix a few issues I may or may not have ... if ya know what I mean? Haha next year it will be back!

Post up a pic of the wags? I may have seen you around
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