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Pretty pissed off at the moment to say the least
But gotta love spending near 1k in the last week getting your car ready for an event, getting tyres, fuel, organizing a trailer then the motor ****ing itself on the dyno

Love it! But what did I expect? Something always happens to my cars on the dyno!

Was going great, making good power at low boost and revs, coming on earlier then it started knocking again

This 1 looks like it was my fault, I didn't clean out the oil pump b4 I fitted it
Stupid mistake and 1 I'll never make again
New pump is getting ordered

We were all set to put together 1 of my spare motors and pull an all nighter to get it back running, Pete was going to come and tune it 1st thing but I didn't have any main bearings, only rod and thrust bearings

I was so fu<kin pissed off!

The car was making 375@11lb@5000rpm, and yes at and it was the same at 33degrees

I'll still head up 2moro for a look
Have fun everyone, once again I can only spectate
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