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Apparently it looks in one piece and 'mended' to hide any indication it was stolen. The drivers window was smashed when the theft took place and it appeared at quick glance that this was replaced. I would say, whatever was broken during the theft (eg. steering column / window) was fixed for the re-birth and sale. I am currently overseas right now but will be back in 14 days. Will be taking long drives in the Northern suburbs to try and spot her. She *Should* be in one piece from what I've been told. Looks like they sold it to some 17/18 yo. Its been spotted 3 times (confirmed sightings) in the past 3 weeks. This hopefully may lead to the perpetrators. Need the kid's (and probably his dad's) help as they would appear to be 'innocent' parties to this if they purchased in 'good-faith'.
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