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One of the downsides of gas comes into play where you run into an emergency fuel up situation. Gas cannot just be siphoned out of one vehicle and put into another, neither can you just go up the road and fill the jerry can up with some gas if you happen to run it dry.

If you do manage to talk to the guy from Gas Research, just ask him about what will happen if you run your vehicle dry on LPG?? ... I don't know but I have a suspicion I've read somewhere, that you will need to take it in to get something done to it if you happen to run it dry.

One thing that makes me paranoid about gas is fact that it is not in a liquid state, meaning that it only needs to waft past an open spark, static charge ect ect and then BOOM!!!. More flammable. Obviously petrol releases vapours as well, but these vapours have more of a limited travel when compared to gas.
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