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Gas Research is DEFINENTLY a excellent way to go -

call up gas research in dandenong not bayswater and ask to speak to Jason -
he is the Magician of the turbo LPG Cars

It will set you back around the 3500 dollar mark - BUT think of it this way -

No more injectors - sell them off for like 200 dollars
No more Fuel Pump - sell for 150 or so
no more messy fuel lines etc etc etc -

and the best thing is - gas has a MUCH higher octane then petrol - ie ****loads more boost -
no more messy tuning aftermarket ecu's
no detonation
just as much if not more power
60 cents per litre!

i can go on and on -

All i can say is - ive seen tims vl in the flesh - ive been in the thing - and traction does not exist - it was a absolute monster -

my next step is gas research -
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