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I did a compression test on the 25 the other day and came up with 180psi on every cylinder so I have decided to go ahead and start putting all the big gear on the car.

Started with removing the hot and cold sides from the standard 25 and prepping everything to fit.

Everything removed

Test fitting.

I needed to jack up the passenger side of the motor to be able to get the 6boost manifold on and then found out the lip on the top of the chassis rail needed "massaging" and the engine mount required some trimming to allow clearance as well but im pretty sure it should fit now.

There is still a lot to do to fit everything as I have to either re mount the Bosch coil packs as they wouldn't fit under the forward facing plenum on the 25, or re wire the yellow jacket coils that came with the motor for the microtech. As well as this, I want to tidy up the rest of the microtech wiring as well.

After seeing SIroller's winter to do list, I decided to make my own with the aim of having everything done before power cruise at the end of the year.

Finish applying stone guard to inner guards
Align bonnet properly so bonnet release works
Fit vt twin spot front calipers

Remove fuel tank
Replace all fuel tank hoses
Clean all of the undercarriage from diff tunnel back
Seal with under body deadener
Purchase and fit under car surge tank
Fit tail shaft loops
Remove and paint diff
Fit new LSD or mini spool as the diff is stuffed

Engine bay
Fit new turbo setup;
Rising rate fuel reg
Exhaust manifold
Forward facing plenum injectors etc.
Exhaust, screamer pipe - lots more
Fit power steering

Wire up guages

Get car buffed
Fit badges
Finish painting door molds
Polish roof racks and drainage channel trims
Chrome door handles
Re paint venetians
Fit Scheel head rests to rear seat

Lots to do but I want to do it properly.
Make great again

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