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Originally Posted by Red RB30 Jet
Springer could it be because people are sick of paying through the roof to get work performed on a old car, that according to insurance companys is only worth $6,200 buy the book?

Look at the few quick BA turbos on fullboost at last fridays calder street meet, looks to me as if alot of people will start dumping VL's to race BA's.

Newer heavier car that is capable of running a 10, has'nt happened yet in Vic as I'm aware of but it will happen, Nizpro have already developed a plenum and bigger intercooler for the Ba's.

True Red RB30 Jet but all these other workshops that these guys have moved there VL's onto cant be giving there stuff away of doing labour for near nothing.

Sure BA's are great i'd love 1 myself but there also very expensive right now as there still coming off the showroom floors and these cars havent fallin into the catergory of VL's as yet they still have to do the hard yards, in my opinion there's a loooong way to go development wise with these cars and i'd hate to be the guinea pig thats supplying some workshop my brand new car only to tell me sorry your new cars just thrown a rod we need better rods now or the transmissions slipping you need to upgrade.Stuff that crap

When there more affordable and the warranty's have long gone then they'll be worth it as many hi-po companys would have worked out there weak spots by then.Jerry
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