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Adjustable cam timing gear and ignition timing set up!

Hey guys! Recently got a adjustable cam timing gear on my n/a vl and I'm starting to have a bit of a play with it and also with my ignition timing.

Pretty much just mucking around with different degrees of timing!

Wanted to ask if anyones had some experience with it and found a sweet spot for max performance? (Not concerned about fuel at this point)

Ive realised that the compromise between ignition timing and cam timing is vital and needs to be set right but at the same time when you advance either one, the other must come down and vice versa to stop pinging and so on so its a bit hard to find a peak compromise...

Still trying to find that sweet balance between the 2 so if anyones has any knowledge and knows what timing to run both of them at for max performance i would much appreciate it!

If there is another thread that has all ready answered this question or is about this topic a link would be great!


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