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Historic Rego

Good news for VL owners.
Should be able to have cheaper rego from July this year.

The State Government is removing red tape to allow more classic car lovers to enjoy their hobby out on the road.

Widespread changes to the conditional registration scheme are being considered to remove restrictions currently preventing thousands of car club members from accessing limited 90 day registration scheme.

Under current laws, historic vehicles are not allowed to be significantly modified from their original design to any significant extent, meaning even slight modifications, such as a CD player or air conditioner, can prevent them from using the scheme.

The same restriction also prevents historic left-hand drive vehicles which have had safety upgrades, such as better braking systems, from taking to the roads.

The State Government will begin formal consultation with key stakeholders such as car clubs on the changes which include:

Providing flexibility to allow owners to improve the ride, handling and safety of these classic vehicles, as well cosmetic enhancements
Moving away from a fixed cut-off manufacture date of 1979 to a rolling 30-year vehicle age
Removing bureaucratic requirements for motoring clubs to undertake vehicle inspections, reducing the administrative burden on these groups
Reducing limitations which ban left-hand drive vehicles with safety improvements such updated braking systems
Making the scheme more nationally consistent
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