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So i couldnt find anyone to give me a hand so i plotted along , Jacked the car up on stands and proceed to removed the gearbox bolts , convertor bolts and the dump pipe

Undone the starter motor bolts and hooked up the engine crane to started to lift the engine checking i hadnt forgotten and bolts , hoses or wiring

So now i had the engines side byside , i proceeded to start changing over parts engine mounts , powersteering bracket and A/C bracket , found out the cooling system hoses were a different size and didint want to remove the front of the motor to punch out the front water outlet from behind the water pump so i sourced some new heater hose to suit, changed a few vacume hoses

Found out the auto flexplates were different between the 4n71b and the S3 electronic gearbox
Changed the flex plates over , looked great behind the flexplate so i didint change the rear main

Gave the engine bay a degrease and swaped the 3500 highstall over to a 2400 turbo stall
Time to hook up the engine and try and throw the engine back in

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