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Broke the diff on my daily so after replacing the rear end and fitting a new exhaust

I decided to do something about the vl.

I had been scrolling gumtree and found a S3 R31 being wrecked so I rang an had a look at the engine , loaded it up and brought it home still sitting on the subframe and with the gearbox attached

Opened up the shed for the first time in 6 months and wasn't i disappointed. The VL was looking sad covered in dust and surface rust , the paints always been bad but i do live close to the ocean which doesn't help

Started stripping the new engine down off the subframe and removed the gearbox , removed power steering pump and AC compressor. Will have to replace some vacume and heater hoses as they are old and brittle
Will most likely change these parts of the current engine when they are side by side

Still unsure if the S3 auto box flywheel is the same as the VL's

The plan is to put the new engine in stock standard and get it running and blueslipped as has been out of rego since Feb

So i removed the intercooler and piping , unplugged the loom and cooling system hoses along with the rad and all the small stuff starter motor AC compressor as the system still has gas just moved the compressor to the side

After a couple of Hrs i was looking at this mess

Plan is to get an extra set of hands to remove bonnet , and gearbox/ converter bolts and remove engine
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