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Motor registry woes. Need help!

Lads + lasses,

I've moved to this cold place called Canberra and I'm getting back in the the VLCT thing, picked myself up a neat A8 original on the weekend from rural NSW, now have a few problems.

I'm originally a victorian, we have a system where a car can be transferred to our name but not registered without a RWC (blue slip etc), after a couple of heated discussions with the motor registry here in Canberra I'm told I have 3 months to transfer said purchased vehicle to my name via the ACT system, and from what I'm told these standards are pretty high - doubt my trusty new VLCT can make it.

So, I have a grand plan.

I need to get this car into my name asap, don't want to leave the seller hanging. I plan on registering it in ACT if possible and depositing it back at my house in Victoria, where I can get it back to roadworthy condition/rebuilt ( ) at my leisure.

So, community, I need advice on to trusty workshops that'll go easy on the VL located in the ACT area where I can get it 'inspected' to comply with the motor registry guidelines in order to get it in my name.

A point to note, the A8 engine has been pulled from the car and an A6 dropped in (spun a bearing). I have receipts for both.

Much love.
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