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Record thread (to clean up this forum)

To avoid ongoing bullsh!t regarding 'whos the fastest to xxxxxx with a xxxx' or the old 'im trying to be the first to run a x.xx with a xxxx' im putting this thread up so we can all get the facts.

So if you are 100% sure on a car and its record post it up.

An example of what im trying to clear up for some is things like... someone was saying how they want to have the 1st vl to run a 9 with a 35/40, well hate to be the bearer of bad news but VL.0747 did that in 04/05
We all know who the 1st to run a 9 with a t3 highflow is etc.
Please try and keep all the posts/replies factual and keep all the sh!t fights out of this thread.

Also mods try and avoid closing this as there is a point to this seriously.

And please no crap like who was the 1st to run a 10 with their number plate to the side

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