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Motorvation 2008

Hello People!

Its time to start organinsing for Motorvation 2008 which is on Saturday 19th
& Sunday 20th 2008.

Motorvation organisers are only allowing 800 cars to enter, but for cars that dont make the final 800, there will be a special display area in the main carpark for them instead.

Some new changes for 2008 are:
- Dyno Competition is now Free
- A new display area known as ‘Topside’ for 150 cars (better than parking on the ****ty dusty speedway infield again)
- Additional events including a Motorkhana, Car Balance and Go Kart racing on the Speedway infield

Entry Close off dates are slightly earlier this year -
Early bird fees of $110 if your entry is in Before 30th September
Later fees of $160 if your entry is in by 30th November

Again we'll have a and display.
The sooner your entrys are in the better, will help with getting a decent spot for our group display.

Clubs and Groups are permitted to swap entries up to December 31. Swaps can only be from entrants who had entered by the November 30 close off but were not selected. The acceptability of the vehicle being swapped is at the sole discretion of the Motorvation selection committee. To stop queue jumping, vehicles being withdrawn cannot be replaced by another vehicle that was not originally entered. -- This means get as many CT entrys in as possible incase you're either rejected or someone from CT pulls out.

Get your entry forms from here, Fill them out and please send your entry forms to either myself or to Craig (ILLUSIV) and we will double check the club entry details etc and send them off all together.

You need to send in photos too, including
A) 1 x Front three quarter photo
B) 1 x Interior photo
C) 1 x Engine bay photo
No Photos, NO ENTRY

Please also PM these photos to myself or Illusiv.

Please have a good read of this document for anything I have missed.

Please send entrys to me:

P.O. Box 28
Bassendean WA 6054

Or Email (for pics etc):

Or to Illusiv:

PO Box 2050
Ellenbrook WA 6069

or email

Now, if you're not entering, it doesnt mean you cant help!!
We need ideas for our display! Let us know what you think will help the display out this time or let us know what contacts you've got to help out!
We've still got and banners for the displays, so thats a start.
Stevie - 72 of 150 will also be designing some shirts again for us - let him know if you've got any ideas!



People that want to enter sofar:

6L V8 - VL LE Calais
Sarah - Pink RB26 Calais
VHELLT - Black over champagne VLCT
DeVL - Yellow BT1 Turbo
72 of 150 - VL HSV SV88
dceptv - VLCT
2 SLICK - VT Signature Senator Supercharged
Sapphire Limousines - VL WALKINSHAW Limo
fmx939 - VLCT
1sickvl - Black VLCT
noza - VL turbo
burgo88 - VL Turbo RB25
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