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yeh rb30 unit is what i will be chasing i think just so much more affordable for engine parts and hi performance bolt on items.

with your patrol when you had the 5 inch springs the 2 inch spacers and the 2 inch body lift was it a nightmare to drive on the street ?. i mean as in getting the sways at certain speeds or feeling like it was unstable going to tip on certain corners at any particular speed etc ? or do you have fully adjustable shocks where you set them extremely soft in the bush so they travel and then can stiffen them right up when on road to prevent any of the above mentioned from happening.

i gather you have kept the 5 inch springs and the 2 inch body but have removed the spring spacers or is it still running them ?

i will be sure to let my mate know about the mtrs with kevlar cheers.

also what are yours or anybody elses thoughts on tsl boggers ? any good.
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