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Originally Posted by meln4bugs View Post
Yeah go the turbo trolls .... I just got a set of 37 swampers will get some pics up when i bolt em on
were those 37's on outerlimits, 4wdaction or something?

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Originally Posted by GMHBT1 View Post
yeah i have heard the silverstones are junk from somebody else as well.

the maxxis i dont know of anybody thats used them that i know.

the guys with offroaders i know usually all have pedes or claws although i know my mate was going to try some goodyear mtrs next but i dont know what type i will pass on your feedback.

im thinking of getting a patrol myself and a rb30 patrol looks a viable and smart option for me as engine parts are cheap as chips and if alls it takes to get something with good off road power is as simple as a stock turbo conversion then it tempts me even more as everything is pretty much available on this forum.

4.2 would be nice but i presume it would be much more costlier to turbocharge compared to the 3ltr.
Ye alot of the comp guys run claws and pedes, pedes are a bloody good tyre, but expensive, the 35" pedes actually measure 36" (they measure 35 at the tyre carcass, the way tyres should be made!)

Ye i highly recommend getting an rb30 patrol, there got so much potential and are a bloody tuff/reliable engine. They do run a different gearbox to the 4.2 patrols, there like a 300zx or something gearbox (if somewon can clarify that for me?), just gotta be care-full running to much power through them as they will pop!

Definitely pass on my info bout the Mtr's to your mate, if he wants a good all round tyre for road and offroad, tell him "Goodyear Wrangler Mtr's with KEVLAR" are the way to go

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