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Originally Posted by GMHBT1 View Post
beast have you ever thought about a water to air intercooler such as a pwr barrel cooler or the vortech squarish looking ones.

just would have thought something like that would be a better option than a air to air as the mud wouldnt be able to get in between the fins and block them up which would cause the turbo air temps to rise substantially if your running anything over 10psi.
Dont know much about them mate, but i will look into it, im trying to avoid going through bog holes, im sorta over all that now, im more into the technical side like rock crawling/steep hill climbs etc they seem to give a bit more of a thrill.

Yea im trying to keep boost under 10psi, i not chasing axle snapping power, but just a bit more of a spruce up for the underpowered rb30 powered patrol, with it running on 7-8psi boost it actually goes quite well.
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