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Originally Posted by BrezzaVL
hahaha paul the bloke with the white VLt works there man hahahaha dont go bashing everyone you see now will you..

i chat to him all the time, its a nice calais, dont like the rims tho..
hahaha nah i havent had the opportunity to use it to smack anyone out yet, although once i did give it to this copper. i once got pulled over and the copper comes up to the car and shines his fucken torch on my face and that really pissed me off, so i quickly grabbed mine and shinned it on his face, he $hit himself as he thought it may of been a gun or something, but i shinned it on his face and i said "how do u like it shone on your face" and then he turned off his torch and so did i and i can tell u now he wasnt very happy after that" hahahaha fucken pig always wanna start dramas hahahahahah

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