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How to change distributor seal and bearing

I see that patch did a write up on how to change your cas but not how to change your bearing and seal so i thought i'd write up a quick guide on how to do it.

1. To change the bearing and seal its nesecery for the distributor to be completley removed from the engine. To do this pull off your distributor cap and turn the engine over by hand (use a 27mm socket on a ratchet on the big bolt in the middle of the balancer)turn engine over untill its at TDC on number 1. You do this by lining up the 1st balancer mark on the left with the mark on the timing cover and ensuring the rotor is pointing at number 1 spark plug lead post (toward the front of the car)

2.Now remove the 12mm bolt holding the distributor down, the crank angle sensor plug, earth lead and power transistor lead.

3.Follow patch's guide on how to pull your cas out. Untill you end with something that looks like this

4.Now what we need to do it tap the distibutor shaft down to remove it completley.set up the distributor in a vice like so.....

5.Put the top part of the disriributor back on ( the bit the rotor bolts to) you should have something that looks like this......We do this so your not smashing down on the end of the disributor shaft and burring it over making it difficult to reasemble.

6. Preferably using a soft or copper hammer tap the distributor shaft downward.Its in there pretty tight but it will move.Once youve tapped it down and got it loose take off the top part we bolted on before and withdraw the shaft.

7.You will end up with something along the line of this..... the shaft is out inspect it for wear and damage, no point in going to all this work just to reinstall a dodgey component. As you can see in the picture below theres somewhat of a grove from where the seal has been running. If you come across something like this i personally wouldnt be re using it. A trip down to the local wreckers and a low mileage vl offering up its distributor will get you out of trouble.

9.Back to the seal and bearing removal. Remove the 2 screws holding down the bearing as seen in the pic in step 7 turn the whole lot upside down and give it a tap the bearing ,seal and a washer should fall out to end up with this (note the bearing is removed showing the washer and seal still installed)

10. Install the new seal with the flat side facing down. (Installing the seal incorrectly will throw oil forward into the bearing as opposed to back down the shaft) put the washer back in and then the new bearing.

11.Install the 2 bearing hold down screws,install the distibutor shaft (it will require a bit of a tap to get it back in) and there you have bearing and seal changed, easy as.

I hope this helps some people, if ive missed anything or made a mistake feel free to post your comments
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