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Originally Posted by Curly View Post
Plans are to restore all the run down areas of the car that have deteriorated while i was dailying it at uni (and not maintaining it...). It needs a really good clean inside, wheels to be restored, little issues to do with the electrics sorted, like the aerial and remote locking, diff needs a rebuild and gearbox upgrade (R33 ideally), and then I'll look at chucking on the XR6 turbo that's sitting in my bedroom and upgrading ECU and injectors. Just a matter of talking myself in to diverting funds towards it, haha. In the end I want it to be reliable and unassuming.

I vaguely recall seeing the white one up for sale - did you end up getting rid of it? Remember that drag race down Forrest Highway a few years ago, haha.
Forrest Hwy? Nah wasnt me
Sold it to another guy whos on here now and again..

You'll get there mate!

Originally Posted by REALIST View Post
I'm reporting you for harassment.

Originally Posted by EVL View Post
Anyone treating their VL's for xmas?
Spent enough for a few xmas' already this year lol

Originally Posted by Skinkis View Post
I decided to treat myself and the GF instead of the VL for once, so we took a trip to Europe to soak up the cold, nice weather

The VL can sit in the shed and sleep for now, to damn hot outside to drive it either way.
Where to mate?
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