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Pride And Joy

Hey dudes

Bout time i put my car on here!
Well like the rest of you my vl is my pride and joy, It aint nothing special but i hope it to be some time in the near future (With a bita luck )

Name: Jake
Location: Hamilton, NZ
VL Details:
Its an '87 Berlina 2.0l N/A. It was gifted to me by my grandparents when i was 15 to start driving in. I am now 18 and unfortunaly havent been able to do too much to it as yet but it will happen. So far all i have done are little things, 17" wheels and goodyear 235/45 directionals , POD filter and some custom piping from the front guard up into the POD, new NGK plugs and Champion leads all round. Had a nice pioneer stereo in it until that was stolen so now it has a panasonic with 2 6" pioneer yellow cone speakers in the parcel tray, When i was first given the car it had 2 quite rotten mufflers so i got them fixed and also added a 2 1/2 tip, last thing i did was take the gay ass red pinstriping off it.

Future mods:
Take out the gutless 2 ltr and replace it with something with balls, at the moment im contemplating either RB20DET, RB25DET, GEN 3 5.7 . lol ofcause the gen 3 is top of the list but im too poor for that, im livin the student life. Also lower it and change springs and shocks, bigger wheels with lower profile tires, also maybe go to a 225 for good clearance ( TELL ME WHAT U THINK OF THAT IDEA? ) Also extractors and new exhaust system, 2 1/2 cat back im thinking, with 3 1/2 tip.

Thats a bout it realy, as much as i would love a calais its bloody hard to find a decent one in nz for a realistic price , but hey we make the most of what we got. anyway guys let me know what u think. Its about time i had a bunch of people who feel the same about vl's as i do! Chow

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