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where to start, 1UZ with self made stractors in a very tight engine bay, has a e6x computer and a dellows conversion kit for R154 toyo box. Car is a factory turbo originaly so has the 28 spline diff and so on. I run r32 calipers on slotted vt rotors and conversion kit. has adj koni yellows/whitline f+r swaybars and panhard.

Oh and now the V2 vortech which will take a while to get tuned which im going to do hopefully without stuffing anything up. It will then need 440cc injectors and a larger harmonic balancer to increase boost to around 13-14 psi, probably on get 6 with the balancer thats on there now. Needs a 044 as the turbo fuel pump wont go much past the 6 psi. Eventually hoping for close to 400hp at the wheels since that what most of my mates are/will be getting.

IM sure the green vl used to be or still is twin turboed. There is also another silver calais getting around somewhere aswell. I followed his build on lextreme which is a 1uz forum.
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