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Originally Posted by Turbro
dreamers add on the cost of labour, and instantly double ur cost of parts
doesnt the turbo need water and oil lines, dont injectors need plugs, dont turbo's need a dumpipe.....

stop pullin urselfs, theres a reason workshops charge 25k for a 'reliable' 10sec package
there is NO justification for how much some workshops charge for their services, 25k.. fark man that is a ****load of cash! i know someone that has spent that much money on his running gear, and i WONT mention names, but he was guarunteed mid to high 9s and they still cant get a launch out of it. personally, if you have the know how and you have been there done that, then building a motor just as strong as a workshop isnt out of the question.. yes it costs extra money to wire and fit up a harness so what man the workshop charges more than what is costs for a mobile auto elec to come out and make one up, some places ask for too much money, and quite frankly, if you take your car to a workshop for its rep, you WILL pay unreasonable amounts of money to show off their work. man people in the 80s with their torries and falcons were making strong 11 second streetable engines, a 10 second VL turbo engine is far from street.

just my 2c
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