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All the chrome has been painted, not much of chrome fan! Everything is colour coded to the same colour as the body. I reckon it's a nice mod, one that you don't necessarily notice to begin with.
Haven't taken any more photos yet, been flat out with work, and trying to finish all the little jobs I have left to do. Took a day off last week to do a bunch of fiddly bits. Finally fitted some bonnet struts - stoked with them. Just found a hole in the fuel tank tho, so a bit annoyed about that - not lookin forward to dropping that again!
It feels amazing to have a car after a year of being car-less! Loving driving it around. Fuel economy is sh1thouse as I just can't drive it off boost!
Nice to see the progress on your car - I had no idea you were going so hard. Good to see!
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