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12k to spend

hey guys

as the topic says, I may have 12k to spend on my car, which at the moment an N/A. So i guess I am after some ideas at the moment.

What I was planning to do, and i am open to suggestions coz i want this to work out) is buy a series 2 engine and use that as the base (rods, crank etc) and buy VLT pistons or hypertec pistons (if that is what they are called) and build the motor up from there. Then i need to get the gearbox, disc to disc axle etc. I am also planning on getting the car resprayed the colour that it is now (factory gold colour). I already have the turbo ( which i want to make t3/4 hybrid), manifold, injectors, oil and water lines, all piping, just need to computer. Will also have to get exhaust and supsension as well.

Can anyone tell me if this is doable or am I dreaming. I know the better option is probably buy a VLT and sell my car and use the money to work on the VLT, but I have spend 2k on getting it fixed to date, which isn't much I guess. Plus I would really like to keep my car. If its not financially viable though then I will sell up.

cheers in advance for replys and info.

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unbolt it
stick kebabs between cooler and mounting point.
check sickness level

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